Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Road to Sangam......

Just finished watching the movie 'Road to Sangam'.A good movie that tries to wake you from your comfort zone and asks you a question...whether we were able to fulfill what Bapu dreamt of? A tough one, although we all know the answer.

Its time to discard that selfish thought from our mind that has mesmerized us to just think about ourselves rather than doing something constructive in life, which, in some form or the other, would help raise the ideological standard of our brain.

Bapu lived his whole life to bring together our country and countrymen regardless of the cultural diversity that exists.
Bhagat singh dreamt of an independent India which would in real sense be independent only if all citizens lived together with communal harmony respecting each others religious values.

We have a big question to ask ourselves.....WHEN WILL WE WAKE UP???

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